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Ray Satterfield, spent 35 years as a Real Estate professional. In 2009, Ray set out on a new venture in promoting the adoption of solar energy and transition from fossil fuels as a source of energy.


Today, as a Solar broker and Independent Energy Advisor, Ray is recognized as an expert on solar energy. In the past 10 years, as a Tesla Field Consultant, Solar energy specialist, a Dealer for a utility-scale renewable energy company Ray is now President of the Green Futures Energy company.


Green Futures Energy promotes Solar Awareness through solar open houses, Broker/Realtor Workshops, Lunch and Learns, working with non-profit organizations and engaging with public officials to advocate for favorable green policies as well as events like this one.


The Florida solar industry is booming and starting to mature. Ray recognized that there was a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding about how solar works and what benefits it may have to offer. Through Solar Awareness events and activities, Ray is able to provide accurate information and answer the questions that Floridians have about solar energy, its costs, benefits and areas in need of improvement.


The Green Futures Energy team consists of a diverse group of dedicated consultants committed to excellence in the customer experience. Instead of ‘selling solar’ they help interested homeowners buy it right.

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