Solar Awareness Event Participation

Terms and Conditions

EoE Events are not open to the general public and an RSVP is required to attend. Solar Awareness Events provide information and education on environmental, ecological and climatological benefits of renewable energy and provide

FREE Solar Home Improvement Quotes for invited guests who Qualify


To qualify and receive a gift or swag bag you must: 

>Be a Florida Homeowner who

>lives in their single-family detached home            

>Show proof of ID

>Be over 25 years of age 

>RSVP by registering online for the EVOLUTION of  ENERGY®  Solar Awareness Event

and submit a current utility bill              

>There is no fee or charge for invited guests who have RSVP'd to attend


>Published menus, activity schedules, Key Note, and Guest Speaker lists

  are subject to change

>The Event may be canceled without notice

>Homes may be pre-screened through Google  Maps® for shading

   location, roof type, azimuth, etc. to determine suitability for solar 

   home improvements, not all will qualify                                                   

>If you receive a confirmation of your RSVP  refer to any instructions, updates, or further details specific to the event for which you have registered that is provided with the invitation.    

>There is no obligation to purchase anything and guests may receive incentives and door prizes for attending. Not everyone will qualify to attend.

>Benefits or advantages of a solar home improvement vary for each homeowner:

   including costs, savings, finance options, or suitability

   , and each guest is encouraged to consult with an Energy Advisor

   to determine if going solar is right for them

Winners of a FREE SOLAR HOME IMPROVEMENT agree to a site survey by a GFE technician to determine suitability for solar. If the home does not qualify (DNQ) for solar a CASH INCENTIVE of no more than $15,000.00 will be paid in lieu of the solar home improvement. The determination of DNQ is at the sole discretion of GFE and its affiliates and partners

The FREE SOLAR HOME IMPROVEMENT does not include upgrades, structural work, and shall be representative of the high quality of components, workmanship, service, warranty, and excellence in customer service that GFE and its affiliates are noted for. It shall be comparable to the proposed system design presented during the Energy Analysis at the Event.

The system shall be designed for optimal performance in keeping with the standards that GFE and its affiliates are known for.

In order to receive the FREE SOLAR HOME IMPROVEMENT, the WINNER must complete all necessary documents and processes required to completely install the project on their home.

>Green Futures Energy, LLC is a wholly-owned Solar Energy Company  

>Green Futures Energy, LLC is an independent solar broker maintaining multiple partnerships in the solar/renewable energy industry.  

>Green Futures Energy, LLC assumes responsibility for organizing and     

   execution of the EoE® Solar Awareness Event

>any comments, suggestions, or complaints should be submitted by

  contacting Green Futures Energy at the link below  

>or in writing to        Green Futures Energy, LLC       

                                  111 N. Orange Ave. Suite 800

                                  Orlando, FL 32801