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Ray Satterfield

Born in Florida, Ray spent his early years growing up on the family farm in Virginia where he learned the valuable lessons of hard work, getting chores done and the care of living creatures. Ray has raised 7 children; 2 biological (a son and a daughter) as well as the blessing of being ‘dad’ to five equally loved children by marriage.

Ray spent his high school years in Texas and at the of age 17 Ray joined the U.S. Navy as an Intelligence Analyst (1976-1982). Ray continued his education while in the Navy and following his honorable discharge in Dallas, Texas.

Ray enjoyed a very active career including a successful AM radio show: "Ray Thomas WAMM in the Morning (1980's) and 35 years in the real estate/hospitality industry. Simultaneously, Ray engaged in opportunities as an entrepreneur to start up new businesses, re-launch struggling enterprises and consult with others on a variety of projects as a leader and innovator.

Ray’s initial foray into sales was at the age of 15 as a tele sales representative in a subscription campaign for the Ft. Worth Press, a family-owned newspaper struggling to survive as an alternative local paper in a market dominated by the much larger news organization, the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

The Navy’s G.I. Bill benefit provided an opportunity to further his education, first with the successful completion of CLEP tests at the University of Florida and then applying those credits towards a Communications and Marketing, Bachelors program at Elkins Institute of Dallas, Texas. As an autodidact, Ray also sports an arm’s length list of subjects and disciplines to which he can expound upon in great detail.

As a Naval Intelligence Analyst, with a Top-Secret clearance, he gained valuable training in discipline, perseverance and the commitment to excellence. The actual skills of data analysis, photo interpretation, mission planning, briefing-debriefing working independently and writing detailed reports have contributed to his success in every undertaking throughout his life.

Ray was accepted as an intern at the Bart McClendon Studios in Dallas, Texas where he worked on the fantasy Country Music Concert; “Hickory Creek Reunion” broadcast in dozens of radio markets. This was followed by an offer to join a Virginia radio station where he went on to create his own highly celebrated morning show: “Ray Thomas: WAMM in the Morning”. Even though it was a relatively small radio station it was located in the top 10 market of Washington, DC and enjoyed an impressive following and fan base.

Ray’s family continued to grow which motivated Ray to seek out more lucrative career choices. Ray became a professional ‘land salesman’. Ray spent over 40 years in the selling profession. Ray was quick to rise to the top as a dominant performer, closer, influencer and leader.

In the course of his career, Ray was fortunate to succeed in every aspect of selling in the role of representative, manager (senior/regional, national and executive), project manager, trainer, coach, mentor and entrepreneur. Ray developed sales and marketing strategies and implemented highly profitable campaigns across multiple channels and a wide variety of products and services. Ray has been recognized and awarded for his distinguished contribution to profitability by every organization with which he has affiliated over the years.

As an entrepreneur Ray was instrumental in leveraging his expertise and experience as a consultant in assisting others in the start-up or re-launch of more than 2 dozen projects and businesses from sales and marketing organizations offering a myriad of products and services, to the establishment and operation of a Restaurant and Bar. Ray has received hundreds of awards and recognition for his stellar contributions. He has trained, mentored, coached and developed hundreds of sales professionals, many who have gone on to establish their own businesses as CEO or President. He has recruited, hired and trained sales teams for his own business and others.

He has used his skills and talents in copywriting, computer graphics, video and presentation materials and tools to create some of the most impressive and engaging sales presentations, galleries, pitchbooks and point of sale displays. Ray, always committed to learning and staying on top of the latest trends and technology in the selling profession, is always generous in sharing his knowledge of the selling profession and the science-based method of selling with the consultant sales approach and the art of persuasion.

To that end, Ray set out on the endeavor to compile the bounty of everything that he has learned from all the mentors, coaches, trainers and life’s powerful lessons themselves into a comprehensive manual and testament on the selling profession in toto. A lexicon that probes the depths and granular method of operation in selling.

Adept Closing Techniques and Strategies: Consultant sales approach and science-based selling. A thorough delineation of everything involved in sales from the various sales modalities, sales job positions/roles, copywriting, pitch writing, delivery, closing techniques to starting your own business.

In 2012, Ray was commissioned to assist a Florida commercial solar company in implementing a residential sales division. This foray into the solar PV industry touched Ray and fueled his passion for the transition to renewable energy as one of the solutions to the Global Climate Crisis. A Climate Reality Project leader, Ray remains actively engaged in advocating for favorable policy and the transition to renewable energy.

Following training and experience with Solar City/Tesla and a battle with cancer in 2018-2019, Ray established his own solar sales organization.

The book culminates with a special enumeration of the solar industry. A focused examination of the abundant opportunity it provides for sales organizations, entrepreneurs and business innovators today and how to cash in on the emerging market for this extremely important technology. The evolution of energy that is underway provides tremendous financial opportunity for up and coming as well as veteran sales professionals.

Green Futures Energy, LLC (GFE) saw phenomenal growth and success through its initial launch, until the Covid19 pandemic struck in 2020 and decimated the lead generation efforts dependent on LIVE EVENTS that were the life-blood of GFE. The persistence of the Covid19 pandemic’s effect on business in Florida, age and health considerations contributed to Ray’s decision to retire and provided the inspiration to focus on the exciting work of writing and publishing this book devoted to the selling profession that provided so many decades of pain and joy as well as boundless rewards.

The accomplishments, achievements, awards and recognition that Ray has received over the course of his career are displayed on his LinkedIn profile and in a videography at this link:

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