Announcing Adept Closers Techniques and Strategies (ACTS)

Updated: Jan 26

From the author Ray Satterfield comes the most comprehensive manual on the selling profession based on the scientific method of the consultant sales approach. Expected publication in Spring of 2022. Be sure to pre-register for updates and make sure you get a 1st edition copy!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the selling profession


Ray Satterfield, a U.S. Navy Intelligence veteran, has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and produced a very impressionable track record as a professional sales consultant, trainer, manager, director, master closer, mentor and successful entrepreneur.

As the personal and business references attest, Ray is a leader by example and has positively impacted a great many others. His inspiration and encouragement as well as commitment and passion as a mentor is unsurpassed. This publication is the

culmination of over 40 years of sales experience and expertise across a wide variety of platforms and business channels as evidenced by the “Recognitions and Awards” documented in the section by that title.

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